Club Activities

Model T Ford lives on through its various clubs around the world

The legend of the Ford Model T is preserved in Australia by the Model T Ford Club of Australia Inc. The club was established to encourage its members in the preservation and restoration of the Model T Ford and other vintage cars.

The club conducts its activities during its meetings, runs and social events. The club also maintains a newsletter called Buzzer Box and a website where information is circulated to the members and the general public. The website address is

Joining The Club

Joining the club is very easy. You can download the form, fill it and submit it online from the club’s website. Commitment to the club requires an annual membership fee paid to the club’s treasurer every 30 June. If you want to join now, here is a list of the current dues: joining fees – $25; single rate – $45; family rate – $50; pensioner/senior rate – $40; country rate – $40.

Benefits Of Joining The Club

The club promotes bonding and networking among members and the Clubrooms exist to promote these relationships. The club’s rooms are located on the median strip of Port Road in Croydon, opposite Officeworks. The location is near Queen Street and is approximately 450 metres west of the South Road intersection.

You can reach the Clubrooms by phone on 8340 8366. The Clubrooms are also available to other clubs and for private functions approved by the Committee. You can book them through the Clubrooms Booking Co-coordinator.

Another great benefit of being a member of the Model T Ford Club is access to owners and enthusiasts of the vintage car. As durable as the Model T is, it is no longer in its prime. It is, therefore, convenient to have direct access to other people with interests in the car. This can be a source of help if you ever need any with your Model T.

Club Meetings

The meetings of the club are the general meetings, committee members meetings, and annual general meetings. The general meetings are held on every first Wednesday of the month by 8 pm in the clubrooms. Attendance is opened to members and their families. Other visitors such as friends are also welcomed. After every meeting, supper and a chat are customarily held.

Committee meetings hold by 7:30 pm in the clubrooms every second Wednesday of the month except by December. Annual general meetings are held in July every year after the general meeting. Annual trophies are given during this meeting.

Other Activities

Activities such as runs, meets, social events and the Buzzer Box nights are announced through the Buzzer Box. During the Buzzer Box night, an edition of the Buzzer Box is distributed. This usually occurs at the beginning of the month. The production, including printing, collating, stapling are prepared during the last Wednesday of the month at the clubhouse and members are always welcomed to help.

Buzzer Box Newsletter

The Buzzer Box also welcomes the submission of articles, reports, advertisements, restoration news, jokes, and other content that can inform or entertain the members of the club.

More of the club’s activities are contained on their websites and they include their activities, events, contributions of members, titbits about the club and the constitution of the club.