Parts & Restoration

You don’t need to time travel to fix your Model T

Humans are sentimental beings and we cannot help being attached to objects from the past. Even though the Model T Ford has been overridden by the new collections from different makers, a lot of people are still attached to their Model Ts for no other reason than the feeling of nostalgia raised by driving the car.

Maintaining a car that is almost a century old is not an easy task though. To help with this task, several automotive companies and mechanic enthusiasts have taken up the job of restoring Model Ts and keeping them working for as long as possible.

Getting parts of Model Ts in Australia is not difficult as you can go online and see a list of places selling the spare parts and choose the one closest to you or that meets your desire most. Most of these places also have good reviews left by people who have patronised them before and you can look up a couple of them before entrusting your car to a mechanic.

You can fix most issues with the Model T by yourself but if you want the experience of experts, you can take it to a mechanic. Some highly recommended places with good reviews are: Henry Spares located at 129, Ballanee Rd, Ballan, 3342, Victoria, Australia; Snyder’s Antique Autoparts at 12925 Woodworth Rd., New Springfield, OH 44443; Lang’s Old Car Parts at 74 Maple St., Baldwinville, MA 01436; Model T Ranch at 4625 Old Agnes Road, Weatherford, TX 76088-8118; Smith and Jones Antique Ford Parts at 60 Wisconsin St., West Columbia, SC 29170; and many more.

In a movement of solidarity in preserving the use and legacy of the Model T cars, several materials and blog posts have been uploaded on the Internet where you can get answers to most questions you may have about getting parts for your Model T or restoring the car.

You can check one of these sites out or join a Model T Ford club around you. The club is a very encouraging place to gain access to a lot of information about the Model T and meet other enthusiasts that can help you sort out whatever issues you have with your Model T.

Also, if you are the type that likes to tinker with your cars and make modifications often, you may want to read up on the challenges you are likely to face while working on your Model T. There are online forums where you can talk to other Model T owners about the changes you intend to make. This is because most times, the time, energy, money and other resources spent on restoring a Model T may cost more than it is worth to get a new car.

Getting the parts of a Model T and restoring your vintage Ford can be a daunting task if you do not know the right place to look. However, this article is aimed at simplifying the process for you and giving a few pointers to help. We hope it does.