Welcome to Model T Ford Club Australia. We offer you all you need to know about Model Ts and how it operates in Australia. Our club aims at encouraging the use of Model Ts and creating a register for those who have the car.

We create awareness of the features of the car and encourage families to participate in our clubbing activities cutting across various topics on Model Ts. Our club members are largely Model T owners who are interested in learning more about the car.

We also offer restoration services for various parts of the car. As such, any Model T owner with a need for parts can reach out to us to get what they need. We have an inventory of parts for all owners.


We offer support to all families in our club and help them get all they need in their use of Model Ts. We have a vast understanding of the car and how it works. We leverage this knowledge to help our families address all their needs. This way, we are able to encourage more people to participate in our clubbing activities.

We have a wide range of activities tailored to meet the needs of the club members. We devise our activities by contemplating the needs of our members and looking at the best ways to address these needs. This has helped us adequately serve our clients for a long period.

Suppose you’re looking for a community of Model T owners where you can get all you need, we are the club to look forward to. You can also join our club at any point in time. We do not restrict members. We are open to everyone since our goal is to create a space for all Model T motorists.

Parts And Restoration

We offer restoration services to different car owners. Our experts understand Model Ts and know the best ways to address the issues arising from these cars. Understand that there aren’t many people who deal in these cars or have the expertise to fix them.

However, we do. We can help you fix your cars and get it back to good condition. We also offer parts restoration where some of your parts are doing working as they should. Our inventory of parts is available for you to choose the part you need.

This way, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy your car. It saves you the trouble of having to look for mechanics that could work on the car. Also, this helps you to enjoy the car for a long period since you can quickly address all the issues that arise from using it.


We operate all our services with high regard for simplicity. We want to ensure that everyone has access to our services without segregation. Our services are generally available and can be used by both members and potential members. We are the right club to be with your Model T. This way, everyone enjoys the beauty of this car.