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Welcome to Model T Ford Club Australia. We offer you all you need to know about Model Ts and how it operates in Australia. Our club aims to encourage the use of Model Ts and create a register for those who have the car.

We create awareness of the features of the car and encourage families to participate in our clubbing activities, cutting across various topics on Model Ts. Our club members are largely Model T owners who are interested in learning more about the car.

We also offer restoration services for various parts of the car. As such, any Model T owner with a need for parts can reach out to us to get what they need. We have an inventory of parts for all owners.

Birth Of Model T

Henry Ford had the desire to make the automobile world more democratic. As such, he was passionate about making cars accessible to everyone and not just the rich. Before then, the norm was that the rich had exclusive access to the best cars.

Model T In Australia

When the Ford Model T got to Australia in 1908, it quickly became the go-to for those who could afford it; which was a large portion of the population. The reason the car achieved so many sales and popularity was largely due to its affordability.

Advertising The Model T

Those that called advertisement the life of a business were truth-sayers. When Ford Model T was first launched in Australia, most people did not know what the new car was about until the creative advert in “The Land” newspaper came out.

Parts And Restoration

Humans are sentimental beings and we cannot help being attached to objects from the past. Even though the Model T Ford has been overridden by the new collections from different makers, a lot of people are still attached to their Model Ts for no other reason than the feeling of nostalgia raised by driving the car.

Buying Or Selling A Model T

The Ford Model T is one brand of car that is still revered by vintage car enthusiasts. While a lot of people cherish this car because of the sentimental memories attached to it, others simply want to be a part of history. However, before you buy or sell a Model T, there are some things you must know.

Club Activities

The legend of the Ford Model T is preserved in Australia by the Model T Ford Club of Australia Inc. The club was established to encourage its members in the preservation and restoration of the Model T Ford and other vintage cars.

Car Finance

Getting a car can be an expensive thing to do especially if you can't afford it at once. Sometimes, you may desire a particular car because it serves your needs. However, if you cannot afford your desired car, there are ways to go about it.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is an important thing you need to get. Insurance protects you from unforeseen circumstances. No one can guarantee that certain issues such as accidents won't happen while using your car.